Try This One in All 12 Keys!

Here is an interesting phrase I’ve been practicing in all 12 keys.  As always, follow Kenny Werner’s cue to “play effortlessly” in order to get a relaxed, flowing, swinging feel.   Want a FREE chart of the lick in all 12 keys and a “background track” to play along with?   Write your email address below.  Your information will not be used for any other purpose.    Better yet, download “New Ears Resolution” and learn how to play in all 12 keys by ear with ease.

1 9 14 LICK

One thought on “Try This One in All 12 Keys!

  1. I recently got “new ears” from you, ( I’m in the summer band, trumpet), and really appreciate your method. Not having been exposed to jazz theory in the past at all I’ve always been curious about it. Yes, its beginning to make sense now and fingering is beginning to feel much more natural in many different keys. One benefit is fingering of “non jazz” charts is improving too! Upper register for me is a challenge because I only rcently began playing after nearly 45 years since military band performances.its amazing that I remember tonal, fingering, and reading fairly well today. If only such methods and digital technology were available years ago ! Thanks Craig! See you this summer!


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