Can pop hits grow up to be jazz standards?  

Skykomish offers 10 of them, recast in fresh new settings, along with a pair of original blues charts.  Songs by the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Gordon Lightfoot, Doobie Bros., etc.   Let us know what you think below.

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The all-star lineup of jazz musicians features:

Craig Buhler (clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax)  –  Member of HONK, Director  of Stardust Big Band, toured and recorded with Ian Matthews, Brian Doerksen, Andy Park, etc.
Lee Thornburg (trumpet, flugelhorn)  –  Tower of Power, Tonight  Show Band
Dan Barrett (trombone)  –  Concord All-Stars,  Concord recording artist,  International touring artist
Brian Atkinson (vibes)  –  Disneyland Band,  Lou Rawles, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, etc.
Karen Hammack (piano)  –  L.A. first-call studio player and recording artist
Jamie Findley (guitar)
Chris Conner (bass)
Paul Kreibich (drums)  –  Ray Charles, Gene Harris, James Moody, Woody Herman, etc.

6 thoughts on “Skykomish

  1. I do about 30 minutes on my treadmill every day or so, but never longer than that, since I also walk the dogs in the nearby state park for another 45 minutes to an hour. So I decided to listen to part of Skykomish while doing my half hour on the ‘mill. An hour later, as the final notes of “Save the Best for Last” concluded, I realized that I had been troddin’ for a full hour! I completely lost track of the time. What a magnificent effort! All that wood sheddin’ has really paid off. Your playing has reached a new level.
    The opening solo on “Redmond” shows Buhler’s raunchy side. Remembering Jimmy Guiffre’s bar room blasts on “Big Girl” (Lighthouse All Stars Volume Three) Your solo on “Rigby” is a masterpiece of ideas flowing to a logical conclusion, the kind of following through on a theme that makes Paul Desmond my desert island musician. Your arrangements are the biggest surprise. Genius. Writing for six voices seems like it would be a challenge. I don’t know what book you’ve been using, but it’s workin’ out. I love the “Preservation Hall Band” turn on “Flash Dance”. Was that in the movie? It’s been a while.
    It certainly doesn’t hurt to play with great musicians, either. I was most impressed by Dan Barrett. He wrestles that cumbersome ‘bone into easy submission…smooth playing…with a little taste of Lawrence Brown on the muted solo. Some trombone players sound like they are fighting with the instrument, like Curtis Fuller or Garnett Brown, but Barrett seems in complete control. Wasn’t Karen in one of your earlier jazz groups? Don’t make me go out to the garage and dig through my boxes of LP’s to find those old Storeyville albums. She’s great.
    Would be great to get some airplay. “Rigby” would be my choice for the FM waves.
    I’ve listened to the album three times, and it just gets better.


  2. Yes, pop hits can grow up to be jazz standards … IF you have the right players and really good charts. And you have both for “Skykomish.” It reminds me of some of my favorite groups, The Jazz Messengers, Bob Brookmeyer, the Jazz Crusaders. I loved that sound! Every one is playing great. Thanks for including Karen Hammack. She is the best. She makes everything sound beautiful.


  3. Hi Craig,
    Just wanted you to know…”Skykomish” is my current favorite CD. Creepin’, Whata Fool Believes are too cool, When You Believe, Windows of the World, and Flash Dance are my other faves…I love the whole f*%#in’ thing! Hope to talk soon….JF


  4. Hi; I am thoroughly enjoying “Skykomish,” especially “Creepin'”, “If you Could Read My Mind” and “Save the Best for Last”, and i’m just starting to get into your “Ripples” CD. Awesome clarinet work on that one and amazing arrangements on “Skykomish”! Thank you so much. Mike


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