This blog would not have been possible without the guidance and encouragement of our friend, teacher, and mentor Maya Sprague. Molly and i are firm supporters of her Small Beginnings ministry.

Please check out the beautiful photos of our recent CA concert by Dirk Yarborough.

Thanks to the dilligence of Lisa Reedy, my new CD, “Capistrano Sessions” has hit #21 on CMJ Jazz Chart,
#41 on JazzWeek Chart, and #1 on Earshot Jazz Chart.

Kari Gaffney was able to garner glowing reviews for “Capistrano Sessions” in over 15 major jazz publications.

Richard Stekol joined “HONK” when he got back from Viet Nam. I joined “HONK” in 1972, and both of us have played with the band ever since. Richard produced my newest CD “Capistrano Sessions,” as well as my two worship CD’s. And I am privileged to call him my friend.

You could not ask for finer musicians or finer human beings than these very special longtime friends from the HONK band:

  • Will Brady (bass, vocals, & guitar) was also my partner for 3 years in our band “STORYVILLE.”
  • Beth Fitchet Wood (vocal & guitar)
  • Steve Wood (vocals & keyboard)
  • Tris ImbodenHONK’s drummer since its inception – still makes it to our gigs, even though his band “CHICAGO” keeps him mighty busy

Mark Turnbull has been one of my closest brothers since we began our surf band, “THE VISCAYNES,” in 1963. He’s an amazing musician & a Mensch, and his new CD is an inspiration.We work together every chance we get. He came north for my New Year’s Eve gig on 12/31/06, and he will join me again on for a concert in Sequim.

I am Worship Director for the Little Brown Church of Blyn. If you are in our area on a Sunday, please consider worshipping with us.

Karen Hammack is as good a pianist as anyone in the world. What an honor to have had her in our band “STORYVILLE” for 3 years. She played a concert with me in CA in Jan., and I very much look forward to working with her at the Big Bear Jazz Festival on Aug. 5, 2007.

Paul Kreibich is one of the top jazz drummers worldwide, having played with everyone from Ray Charles to Gene Harris. Paul is featured on my newest CD, “Capistrano Sessions.” He was also the drummer for our band “STORYVILLE” for 2 years.

David Witham played piano on “Capistrano Sessions.” Dave is such a wonderful human being, and his playing knocked us all out.

If you have listened to Larry Carlton, then you have heard drummer John Ferraro. John was the first drummer in my band, “STORYVILLE,” and he is featured on our LP, “The Blues Ain’t News.”What a fine player. It was wonderful to play a reunion concert with him in CA in Jan., 2007.

If you’ve heard George Benson, chances are, you’ve heard a guitar built by Steve Grimes. In the ’80’s, Steve headed up the popular Port Townsend band, “Pie in the Sky”. I had the pleasure of playing in that band for a couple of years. We recently played a sold-out reunion concert at Port Townsend’s Upstage Restaurant, and will be returning there in July, 2007.

Jazz in the Olympics Society (JITOS) presents its big trad jazz festival every April. I am the Improvisation Coach for the JITOS Youth Band.

I have been a ASCAP writer & publisher since 1991.


One of the most enjoyable learning experiences of my life was teaching 30-40 lessons per week at Mills Music stores (Bothell, Redmond, & Lynnwood, WA) for several years before i moved to Sequim.

If you’re looking for good worship in Seattle on a Sunday morning, visit the Seattle Vineyard Christian Fellowship. For 3 years, I was on staff there as Worship Director & Ministry Team Coordinator.

  • It was such an inspiration & education to tour & record with Vineyard artists:
    Brian Doerksen (German worship festival & CDs, Gathering of the Nations in Whistler, John Wimber conference in Kelowna, and The Father’s House theatrical production)
    Andy Park (Stephen Bell-Booth tour, Langley Worship Festival & CD, several events at Anaheim Vineyard, German worship festival & CDs)
    Kevin Prosch (Langley Worship Festival & CD, touring band, “Come to the Light” CD)

For 3 years, Jim Fink and I played in jazz clubs. We recorded a live jazz CD. It was a great experience.


Doug Barnett is one of the best bass players in Washington. It is always a pleasure to gig with him.

Three of my CD’s were recorded by Gary Lanz, best known for his production work on the highly acclaimed CD’s of his brother, David Lanz


One of the premiere trombonists, Dan Barrett played with our band when he was about 18. He was already a great player then, as well as a great comedian.


Strait Music in Port Angeles is an excellent music store, stocking horns, reeds, sheet music, etc. The staff is knowledgeable & helpful.

Would anyone expect to find a world-class symphony orchestra in a town the size of Port Angeles? Sure glad you’re here, Port Angeles Symphony.

If you’re looking for some fine contemporary worship music on a Sunday morning in Port Angeles, visit the Olympic Vineyard Christian Fellowship. I get to play with Jonathan & his team on occasion, and he rocks.

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