Reviews of “SKYKOMISH”


Q & A with Craig Buhler

Radio Play Stats by Station

Capistrano Sessions Chart Performance:

  • No. 1 on 4 stations for 5 weeks
  • Top 10 on 35 stations for up to 9 weeks each
  • #21 on CMJ Jazz Chart
  • #41 on JazzWeek Chart
  • #1 on Earshot Jazz Chart

Capistrano Sessions – Song-by-Song Description

Check out what people are saying about Craig Buhler’s “Capistrano Sessions.”

Capistrano Sessions Jazz Improv Magazine & N.Y. Jazz Guide (2007) by Joe Knipes

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Northwest Jazz Review (April, 2007)

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Midwest Record Recap

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O’s Place Jazz Newsletter

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Scope Magazine by Eric Saeger

Jim Hale,  Arranger & Vocalist for “Clockwork” – What’s New by Michael Scott Cain


NW Christian Journal Review by Perucci Ferraiuolo
A narrative of Craig’s early life filled with photos.


3 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Craig,
    We just wanted to tell you”Thank You” for the 2 CD,s (Renewed Hope and Skykomish) that you gave us at Ben & Judy’s dinner event the other night. We loved them and we do believe that this is your true calling in life and a child of God. I hope you don’t mind us reaching you on this site but we asked Ben how to reach you and this is what he sent us. Having met you and getting to know you better over great food and good conversation we just wanted to say how blessed we truly are to know you. The music you produce and play certainly does compliment the true man within that “GOD HAS CREATED YOU TO BE.”
    Once again Congradulations on your engagement and may God continually bless you with everything you do in His name.
    Your new friends in Christ…..Susie & Bryant Bowman


    1. Thank you, Susie and Bryant. It was a very special evening we spent together with your parents. By the way, Ben did an excellent job at our gig tonight. i spent the weekend at the beach with my in-laws. We spread my wife’s ashes in the ocean, a very sad occasion. We looked at photos and shared a meal. Your mother’s berry pie was a highlight of the meal. i am glad that we have become friends. i know that the 2 of you as well as your parents will become good friends with Faye. Looking forward to visiting with you again in the near future. cb


  2. Craig,

    Just wanted to again tell you what a joy it is to listen
    to your fine work. You were so kind a while back to burn
    a CD of the Honk LP. I was on a walk this morning and was
    listening on iPod to your work on Hesitation, Move Me and
    Where is Love … your horn sounded so good and still holds
    up today.

    Just thought you may want to know that the tracks you laid
    down years ago are still sweet and appreciated.

    May 10th, 20011

    Tom Garcia
    Arlington, Texas
    (by way of So.Cal Anaheim area from the 60’s and 70’s)


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