Craig & His Woodwinds

Styles offered:
JAZZ – Dixie, swing, bop, cool, fusion, blues, straight ahead
ROCK – 50’s, 60’s R&B, Cream, new wave, blues, alternative
WORSHIP – Vineyard, Hosanna, hymns, Black gospel
MISC. – folk, country, Celtic, new age and light classical.

Partial recording credits:
HONK “Five Summer Stories” movie sound track, 20th Century Records, Epic Records, Restless Records
Ian Matthews “Siamese Friends”
Kevin Prosch “Come to the Light”, “Langley Worship Festival”
Andy Park & Brian Doerksen, “Ludenscheid Worship Festival”,
self-produced 8 CD’s of my own.
Arranged LP’s by Storyville & Mark Turnbull.
Guest appearances on many other CD’s & LP’s.

Live Concert Work:
Ian Matthews (1979 tour)
Brian Doerksen: “Father’s House” tour, Ludenscheid (Germany) Festival, Whistler Gathering of the Nations, Kelonna, BC Wimber Conference
Andy Park:  “Bellbooth tour,” Langley Worship Festival, Anaheim Spiritual Warfare Conference, etc.
Kevin Prosch:  Langley Worsip Festival, festivals in CA, OR, WA, Minnesota, & Ontario, Canada, “Come to the Light” tour
HONK (1972-present) with “Beach Boys”, “Loggins & Messina”, “Santana”, “Jackson Browne”, Linda Rondstat, Chicago, etc.
Eastside Foursquare (staff musician, 1994)
80+ school assemblies
75+ church concerts, etc.

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