Total Immersion Worship Seminar

Our two-day seminar for worship musicians entitled “Total Immersion” will energize your worship team and revitalize your congregational worship experience. The heart of this weekend seminar is relationship – specifically, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We also explore human relationships, including those with fellow worship team members and with the congregation at large. In session 3, we are challenged to relate more closely with our music in general, our specific musical instruments, and with the songs we sing in worship.

The weekend begins on Thursday evening with a music team rehearsal & culminates Sunday morning with a concert for the congregation. Generally, my wife, Faye and I lodge with a family in the church. Travel expenses to & from Sequim, WA are also traditionally covered by the hosting church.

Among the congregations which have benefited from this workshop are churches in Seattle, WA, Nampa, ID, Victoria, BC, Yuba City, CA, and Anchorage, AK.

Cost: $350.00


“Craig is gifted, sweet-spirited, loves Jesus, takes directions, and can really play. If you enjoy his music half as much as I enjoy having him in our fellowship, I know you’ll be blessed.”

Ed Cook, Sr. Pastor,

Seattle Vineyard

“Craig is a sincere worshipper, and he is effective in the relational aspects of being a team member. He is sensitive to the voice of the Lord and is able to communicate the things that are in his heart. I think he could be a great encouragement to worship team members who are hungry to grow in their effectiveness and maturity.”

Andy Park, Assoc. Pastor and Worship Overseer,

Anaheim Vineyard

“Once again you blessed our hearts with your incredible music and your desire to worship God with heart, mind, and strength.”

Gary Best, National Director,

Assoc. of Vineyard Churches, Canada

“Craig is a natural. He establishes a strong rapport with the audience…communicates very effectively… uses humor very well…”

Mark Dickens, former administrator,

Victoria Vineyard

“Your encouragement and enthusiasm in praise really set people free and opened their spirits to more of what God wanted to do for them.”

Mark Yeadon, Pastor,

Evangel Community Church, Edmonds, WA

“Forever I’ll be blessed by the way the Lord used you to cut through me like a knife. You played a part in breaking open a heart of stone to let worship flow.”

Terry Black, noted painter,

Ontario, Canada

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