Craig offers workshops of various size, scope, and focus, depending on the ability and interest of the students. His specialties are improvisation and ear training.
Some of Craig’s ongoing clients include:

  • The Sequim High School Jazz Band, 2004-present.  Director Vern Foskett has this to say:
    Craig is a fantastic teacher.  His method of teaching improvisation keeps the students actively involved.  Not only have my students improved in their improvisation skills, but their ability to listen has improved a hundred fold.”
  • The award-winning North Winds Home School Jazz Band, Director Dan Tutton, 2007-present
  • The annual Northwest Big Band Workshop, Director Elmer Ramsey, 2005-present
  • The Jazz in the Olympics (JITOS) Youth Band,  2004-present.   Youth Program Director Bud Critchfield says:  “Craig is a consummate musician.  Among his many talents is the ability to teach improvisation in a way that even a beginning student can understand and grow from.”     Musical Director Signe Crawford says:   “I refer my own students to Craig for ear-training.”   Former Musical Director Sanford Feibus has this to say about Craig:  “Would I send my own children to Craig for lessons? Yes, at least twice a week.”
  • The annual Camp Heebie Jeebies, Karla West, Director, 2009

Craig is also the author and presenter for the 9-hour “Total Immersion Workshop” designed for Christian church musicians.  This 2-day class has been featured at:

  • Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Victoria, BC
  • Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Seattle, WA
  • Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Nampa, ID
  • Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Anchorage, AK
  • Church of Glad Tidings, Yuba City, CA

3 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. At first I was skeptical that Craig’s use of solfege (do-re-mi…) would help with my improvisation. I gave it a try though, and now I find that if I just run through the New Ears Resolution CD, I feel much more grounded and ready to solo. I refer my own students to Craig for ear-training.


  2. My lifetime of teaching insturmental music in the public schools of Pennsylvania and Arizona has afforded me a reliable source of what works and what doesn’t. Craig Buhler’s group and private teaching instruction take the students from where they are to an incredibly higher level in a short period of time. I have seen him perform small miracles with his teaching methods. Would I send my own children to Craig for lessons? Yes, at least twice a week.


  3. Whenever I’m struggling with figuring something out, I ask myself “What would Craig tell me to do to get this thing played right?” and it always helps – and that’s with just doing one workshop and one private lesson with him. He packs a lot of concise tips into a small amount of very quality teaching time!


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