Honk: 20th Century

20th Century

Honk: 20th Century

HONK on 20th Century Records (1972).

20th Century Records released this LP when “HONK” began selling out concerts throughout California. This recording features the great songwriting, singing, & playing of the band. Our audiences continue to ask for these songs.

In 2005, the original masters were found by Thane Tierney, along with the masters for another 20th Century album Honk recorded but never released. The whole collection was carefully remastered by Gavin Lurssen at the Mastering Lab in Hollywood. This new package features a wonderful booklet with pictures and stories of HONK.

Professionally glass-mastered, pressed, & printed (not burned).

Download all the mp3 tracks along with all the artwork for $6.99 by clicking here.

PLESE NOTE:  This is an mp3 download, NOT a physical CD.  The CD is unfortunately out of print.


I Wanna Do For You
So Much Easier
Don’t Let Your Goodbye Stand
Circles in Sand
Caught on a Greyhound
Another Light
We’re on Wheels
Hidin’ Out
I Wanna Stay
Money Slips Through My Fingers
Buckeyed Jim
Pipeline Sequence
Fortune Wheel
Dog at Your Door
All My Time is Free
There is a River
(Love is Like a) Heatwave
Love Ain’t So Common
Please Remember
No One is Waiting

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