Scope Magazine by Eric Saeger

“Billed as music for any occasion, Buhler’s jazz quintet is best suited for ballroom or chill. Richard Stekol’s impeccable production wraps these versions of sax player Buhler’s originals in soft focus but with enough detail to point to an overall leitmotif of the artist as casual espresso-gulper and determined melody-addict – were Buhler a guitar god he’d be more representative of the David Gilmour school of purposefulness, his sax stressing vocal-ready lines and deliberately squandering all the room that’s available for soloing (now there’s a nice break). As a reflection on the players, the songs convey sunny dispositions all around, as stated with little in the way of bumblebee workouts to be found, although bassist Joel Hamilton does put on a clinic during roll-out track “Lookear.”