Jazz For Youth

Larger Than Jazz by Jazz for Youth

After a century, jazz music endures, as vibrant, diverse, and relevant as the American culture which nurtured it. Now, you can open up this stimulating world to your students!

In the morning, we host 1 or 2 school-wide assemblies (depending on student body size) featuring woodwind artist Craig Buhler, gifted pianist Randy McMillan and flutist, Chris McMillan. We introduce the songs with engaging anecdotes, setting historic, geographic, and artistic backdrops. We highlight feelings, images, and concepts communicated by the music. Using songs familiar to young audiences, we contrast several styles, illustrate the versatility of our instruments, and demonstrate the diversity of the medium.

Small Groups
After the assembly, Craig meets with up to 5 small groups (25 minutes each) for questions and demonstration. He is especially careful to draw out those students who hesitate to join in. While there is an ample dose of humor, the sessions are designed to stimulate aesthetic awareness and increase students’ confidence in their unique creative potential. Discussions are tailored to class make-up and grade level.

Topics include

  • History & style development
  • Creative processes in composition
  • Physics of sound
  • Instrument construction & maintenance
  • Developing technique joyfully
  • Improvisation & expression
  • Overcoming creative disabilities & inertia

2 thoughts on “Jazz For Youth

  1. Hi Craig, this is Joseph Kniest, a student whose school you visited atleast ten years ago.

    I know the subject may sound a little strange, but I remember when you were hired for an assembly at my elementry school nine or ten years ago.

    I got your album, “Larger Than Jazz” and it really inspired me to pick up the saxophone! Anyway, I was just wondering how you and Randy McMillan are doing? Is he still on the keyboard?

    Look forward to hearing from you,



    1. Hello Joseph,
      By now, i imagine you are done with school and out in the big world. May it be a rich and fulfilling time in your life.
      Yes, Randy is still playing on the worship team at Eastside Foursquare in Bothell and in several other contexts.
      I am leading the 18-piece Stardust Big Band and the worship team at Little Brown Church – both in Sequim – and have just released my 7th & 8th CDs. One is an 8-piece all-star LA jazz group doing familiar pop songs from the last 30 years, the other is a worship CD using my Laguna Beach rock band HONK. Please check them out at: http://cdbaby.com/cd/craigbuhler3 and http://cdbaby.com/cd/craigbuhler4
      Are you still playing the horn? How is it feeling?
      Thanks much for writing.


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