Southbound Beat Magazine



Craig Buhler

CD Review by Pat Benny

Eleven original jazz compositions by Craig Buhler, performed by Buhler on clarinet, alto and tenor sax; Brian Atkinson on trumpet, flugelhorn and vibes; Dave Witham on piano; Joel Hamilton on bass; with Paul Kreibach providing drums and percussion. Collectively, they create the contents of Capistrano Sessions.

This is the music you want to hear at that long anticipated getaway to the luxury resort with the four star rating.  This is the band you hope will provide the entertainment as you dine in the restaurant with its world- renowned chef.

This is the soft, swing jazz you want to hear as you glide onto the parquet floor to dance with and hold that special someone, the only one you’d care to share these perfect moments with.

Or, this could be the perfect music to share a cup of tea and a comfy couch on a quiet, rainy day.  This is great Jazz, performed by great musicians.  The rest is up to you.

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