Honk: Coach House Live

Coach House Live

Honk: Coach House Live

Coach House Live by HONK (1990) “HONK” has always been best known for its electrifying live concerts. You’ll hear why on “Coach House Live.” We produced our first “reunion concert” at Huntington Beach’s Golden Bear in 1983. The magic was still palpable in the music, so we kept playing. When the Bear burned down, we started playing at San Juan Capistrano’s Coach House. This CD was recorded live there in 1990. As long as it continues to sound good, we’ll keep playing.

Unfortunately, this CD is out of print.  Please refer to the brand new HONK CD “Renewed Hope” at craigbuhler.com


Heat Wave
Made My Statement (Love You Baby)
Colored Water
Every Part of Love
Move Me
Try to Remember
Don’t Let Your Goodbye Stand
Pipeline Sequence

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