Craig Buhler: Keys To Music

Keys To Music

CD & Book – $19.99
Includes the 100-page book & the 70 min. CD
This is a complete method for learning to play jazz on your clarinet, saxophone, or flute – from your first attempt at making a sound up to your tenth “gig.”

Craig Buhler’s Keys To Music

During 8 years as a teacher working with students at all levels from beginner to advanced, I have been composing these etudes to meet the specific goals & needs of my students.  From over 150 original jazz etudes, I selected the 54 compositions which have proven most beneficial in countless lessons with scores of players.

Keys_Recording_SessionOur 6-piece jazz group recorded all 54 songs onto a professionally mastered CD, spending over 40 hours in Pt. Townsend’s Synergy Sound Studios.

The highly respected music educator Signe Crawford meticulously edited each chart in Finale 2006 and added extensive explanitory notes to create a 100-page book which provides you with a complete course in jazz expression – from beginner to advanced performer.

Hear samples from the CD:

#2. Blue Dawn

#16.  Improv 145

#26.  Fifties Ballad

#34.  Skykomish Shuffle

#42.  Migration

#48.  Molly Ann

#54.  Festival

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You will receive the 100-page book and the 70-minute CD.  The cost is just $19.99. 

5 thoughts on “Craig Buhler: Keys To Music

  1. Hey Craig-
    I think you should include something directed at teachers, since teachers can find a good etude for any level of proficiency.


  2. Bob Green Says:
    Dear Craig.

    I have just purchased your “Keys to Music” for C flute which I have somewhat adapted for a harmonica. I have played a chromatic harmonica since I’ve been eight years old. ( I’m now 66) Some people say I haven’t gotten any better at it, but I’m still working on it. I play mostly by ear. It seems so hard to get musical help or instruction for Harp. As soon as I say, “I play harmonica” I get funny looks or comments from music instructors. I would like to read music and play better. Your “Keys to Music” for C flute is a real help and gives me great satisfaction. I feel like I am really learning something at last. Only problem I have is I have to write the harp tab notation myself. Harp tabs are, as you probably know, are like the fingering chart for all instruments. I expect that if I continue to work I will no longer need the ‘finger charts’ or ‘Tabs’ but it is a long haul. Yes, I can learn it by ear, but that does not teach me how to read. Other help I need is in reading rhythms which will come if I continue to practice. I really love the new idea of having a CD which actually plays the written music for me. In the past I would play the notes on the piano, then translate them to harp tab to learn the music. I still do this when I play for my church. I don’t really want to learn how to play it on the piano first, then harmonica. Any suggestions please email me.

    Hope to hear you someday, and would like to meet you also. Great book and CD. Need more.
    Bob Green, Sequim


    1. Dear Bob,
      I am pleased that “Keys to Music” is helping in your harmonica studies. There is no reason for anyone to denigrate the harmonica. Doubtless you have heard Toots Thielman on the chromatic harp? I heard him in person improvise over a blues in all 12 keys, a difficult challenge on any instrument, but especially on a harmonica, with it’s strong bias toward the key of C. There is also a diatonic harp player named Norton Buffalo who wears a holster containing all 12 blues harps. He takes advantage of the modal concept in choosing which harp to play at any given moment.
      Be encouraged to persist in your struggle to read directly from the treble clef without the intermediary of the tableture. One way to do this is to begin by reading the 12 major scales, until the linkage between the staff and your instrument becomes instantaneous.


    1. For some reason, both of our instruction methods are listed on the same page of the seller’s site. Please scroll down to select the “KEYS TO MUSIC” option. Choose your instrument and select whether you want to purchase 1 or more copies.
      We apologize for the inconvenience, and trust that you will have an excellent musical experience.


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