Honk: Epic


Honk: Epic

HONK on Epic Records (1974)

This LP was released to coincide with HONK’s “Beach Boys” tour, and it captures the excitement of a major rock concert. Producer Henry Lewy (Joni Mitchell) chose A & M Studios (Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass) in order to achieve the finest sound quality possible. I transferred the LP to CD in response to over 100 requests.  For a time, i stopped sending out the CDs, because the effort was consuming too much of my time.  If you are interested in hearing what HONK sounds like today, please click here.

In response to overwhelming demand, i have once again begun to burn the Epic LP onto CDs (with the original artwork) for $25 plus postage.   Click here to order.

You can also order an mp3 download of the album from FastSpring for $6.99.  This package includes several classic HONK photos from various eras in the band’s history.  Click here to order the mp3 download.


Beth Fitchet (Wood);  vocals & guitar
Craig Buhler;  sax, clarinet, flute
Richard Stekol;  guitar & vocals
Steve Wood;  keyboard & vocals
Will Brady;  bass
Tris Imboden;  drums


Move Me
All My Time is Free
You Better Do Something
Gimme That Wine
Dog at Your Door
Where is Love
Oh Daddy
There is a River

11 thoughts on “Honk: Epic

  1. Hi Craig,

    It has been great listening to my favorite honk songs again. I wore a couple of the LPs out (bought it the first time in ’74 or ’75). I also purchased the unreleased recording and have been really enjoying it. I’m a musician in Michigan and during breaks there are always a couple of Honk songs on the PA. People ask and now I know where to tell them to get the music. If I can ever take a trip to CA I’m going to make sure it happens when you are at The Coach House. It’s great to see that your career in music continues!

    Keep playin’


    1. I am so sorry for the confusion. After sending out over 100 copies of our 1974 Epic album, it became necessary to suspend this item from my catalog, as it takes too much time to burn, label, and mail them (and it is technically illegal for me to sell them, even though i only did it as a service to our friends.)
      HONK is still very active today. If you would like to hear our latest effort as a team, please check out “Renewed Hope” on this site. It features all 6 members of HONK and was produced by our pianist Steve Wood.
      Thank you for your interest in our band. We really appreciate it. Hope to see you at an up-coming HONK concert in the near future.


  2. Craig I would like to buy a copy of the bands CD recorded in 1974 the one with Hesitation, Move me and so on. I grew up in OC and surfed Huntington forever. Love your music and this record. One of my best momories was house sitting at Newport and waking up to crashing waves and your music .. the best.

    I live in Texas now and have stayed in touch with many of my friends from this time back in California.
    Please contact me to give me the details of the music.

    Thank you so much! Hopefully you will make an exception I really need some Honk! I will overnight the payment to you.
    Tom Garcia
    5401 Sapphire Ct.
    Arlington, Texas 76017


  3. I still think their song ” All My Time Is Free” is one of the most underrated, unnoticed, yet profoundly beautiful yet painful somgs ever recorded.


  4. I am sorry to hear that the Honk Epic recording is no longer available. I gave my original vinyl to a friend to listen to back in ’74 and he moved and never gave it back. I have since looked everywhere for it with no luck. If you know of a source, I would appreciate you turning me on to it…

    I just purchased the Clay Figures CD and I am looking forward to some great Honk music. Love the band and have told people about it for the last 35 years but telling someone about a sound just doesn’t work.

    Great to find you are still our there and doing what you love

    Steve Smith
    Charlotte, NC


    1. Hi Clark,
      Thanks for your interest in HONK.
      i now live outside of Seattle, but my wife and i will be flying down for the HONK concert at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano August 25.
      You can purchase downloads and/or HONK physical CDs on line at:
      the 2 Twentieth Century Honk LPs are available as an mp3 download:
      A physical CD copy of the Epic Orange Honk LP is available at:
      Or you can order an mp3 download of that album at:
      Five Summer Stories is available from several web sites including:


  5. Hi – Never got around to burning my vinyl to digital and one day more than likely will but in the meantime, I’m thinking the mp3 package will hold me over but there is no reference to a bit rate. Could you please state the bit rate on the mp3’s ?


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