3 thoughts on “Roll Over Redmond

  1. Craig you old hound dog, we have completely lost track of you, Brooke, Alice and I have forgotten the oldest. I just turned 83 last Thursday. Would like to keep in tiuch with you once in awhile, might make the trip to Coach House, if you ever get back there again. Els has been gone 5 years now. Hope to hear from you soon. Derrill (Pop)


    1. Dear Derrill,
      What a joy to hear your voice once again! Did you receive my worship CD, “Renewed Hope” (the red one) recorded last year with the “HONK” Band? Believe i sent 1 or 2 copies to Jerry. So you are 83 years young? Your spirit is always an inspiration. We sure do miss Els, a BIG BIG influence in our lives. Led me to the Lord AND introduced me to the big bands. i am now the director of the 18-piece Stardust Big Band. We played a concert in the park last night and played a dance at the casino on Sunday. The big bands ARE back! In other good news … i am engaged to a wonderful Christian woman named Faye from Martinez, CA. She is Spirit-filled, on fire for Jesus, and a lot of fun as well. much love, “Your Third Son”


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