Lick from Bird’s Solo on “Cosmic Rays”

This phrase from Charlie Parker’s solo on his composition “Cosmic Rays” is 1 more example of his stunning melodic gift.   Study a whole encyclopedia of great Bird creations in “The Charlie Parker Omnibook.”  Click on the arrow below to hear the audio file, which was created from the original recording slowed down & transposed into all 12 keys.

5 thoughts on “Lick from Bird’s Solo on “Cosmic Rays”

    1. Hi Neal,
      Thank you for checking out the “Cosmic Rays” lick. there are SO many cool licks in the Charlie Parker Omnibook which i have flagged for inclusion on my blog. there is also a killer lick in the Ralph Moore solo from “SOS”, an amazing solo, which he makes sound effortless. i’m off to a concert gig in L.A. will return to the office Monday to get more licks on the site. Let me know if they help. will also be adding licks by Coltrane, Pres (Lester Young), Coleman Hawkins, Dexter Gordon, and Joe Henderson in coming months.


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